1887 Imperial Tournure Pattern #TV163

Manufacturer: Truly Victorian Patterns

1887 Imperial Tournure Sewing Pattern. In a search for a bigger, better bustle Truly Victorian has come up with the Imperial Tournure. Tournure is the French term for bustle. Based on the lobster tail design, it has 7 wires in total. The upper wires are set in at an angle in a fan shape, which give a round outline to your bustle and plenty of strength to support your heaviest skirts. Ending a little above the knee, this bustle folds up easily to make sitting in any chair effortless. This bustle has side panels that wrap around the body to the front, which holds the bustle perfectly in place, and keeps it from shifting. This bustle comes in two sizes of prominence, Imperial and Regular. The Regular size is similar to the TV101/TV108 bustles. The Imperial size is quite a bit larger, and is perfect for 1887-88 impressions. The Imperial bustle may require length adjustments to our existing skirt patterns, which are discussed in the instructions. Multi-sized 20 inch waist to 46 inch waist included in pattern. Approximate yardage required for 45" wide fabric for all sizes is 2 1/2 yards.