1858 Round Cage Crinoline Pattern #TV141

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Manufacturer: Truly Victorian Patterns

1858 Round Cage Crinoline Sewing Pattern. This is the perfect hoop for under regular, round shaped skirts It has 10 hoop wires to support heavy skirts, and a bag at the hem to keep the wearer from stepping through the hoops. 126" at the hem. Center front closure. Easy to build and the correct shape for 1855-1862. Multi-sized, containing all the sizes up to 34" waist, 46" hip. Fabric 1 3/4 yards, Grosgrain Ribbon 12 3/4 yards, Bone Casing 13 1/2 yards, Hoop Wire 27 1/2 yards, Belting 1 1/2 yards. Approximate yardage required for 45" wide fabric: x-small-large 3 1/2 yards, x-large-xxx-large 3 3/4 yards.