1856-1889 Hoops and Bustles Pattern #L112

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Manufacturer: Laughing Moon Patterns

1856-1889 Hoops and Bustles Sewing Pattern. This pattern contains two hoops, 3 bustles, and a bustle pad. View A is a bell shape, meant to mimic the shape of multiple petticoats. This is the shape of medium hoops from their invention in 1856 until the “elliptic” shape of View B became popular, about 1863. It returned to popularity in 1869 to 1883, depending on the style of gown. However, for theatrical use, this shape was the popular skirt shape in the 1830’s, 1840’s and 1850’s as well. The View B elliptic skirt was used from 1863 until about 1869. If you wear the bustle pad on top of it the shape can be taken to 1871. The term elliptic is somewhat of a misnomer as these hoops were round or nearly so. View C, the bustle, rear hoop, and flat front were worn in the heyday of trains and bustles from 1869 to 1876. This bustle/hoop can also be worn under any gown with a train from 1883 to 1889. View D and E were popular during the bustle revival years of 1883 to 1889. A bustle pad is also included which was worn during the period when all other cages had been discarded. All hoops and bustles are copies of extant period garments. All sizes are in the envelope. Contains easy instructions and clear illustrations on how to make the bustles and hoops. Complete information on how to work with hoop steel, multiple listings of suppliers of steel and other supplies, pattern notes, and bibliography are included. All these Victorian foundations and sizes are in one pattern. Sizes 4-36 included.

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