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Victorian and Old West Clothing Patterns

Sewing Patterns from 1840's to early 1900's

Vintage clothing and hat sewing patterns for 19th Century Historians, 1800's & Western Costumers, Victorian Era Weddings, Cowboy Action Shooting & Civil War Re-Enactors. We carry eleven different clothing pattern companies with over 200 sewing patterns to give you a greater choice to match your sewing skill level. From beginner to very advanced, anyone can now enjoy sewing their own historical clothing, costume, wedding dress, Victorian gown, civil war clothing, hat or handbag.


Women's Victorian Clothing 

Men's Old West Clothing

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Victorian Polonaise By Truly Victorian

 Frock Coat Pattern By Laughing Moon

Victorian & Old West Clothing Pattern Companies We Carry

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Truly Victorian  This sewing pattern company offers a large selection of sewing patterns for the Victorian Woman. Patterns includes Overskirts, Underskirts, Blouse Waist, Skirts, Vest Basque, Ball Gown Skirts & Bodices, Polonaise,  Fantail Skirt, Cuirass Bodice, Petticoat with Detachable Train, Jacket Bodice, Yoked Blouse, Dinner Bodice, Tea Gown, Tail Bodice, Round & Elliptical Cage Crinoline, & Bustles.  Clothing Patterns in this collection are from 1843-1900
Laughing Moon  This sewing pattern collection offers both Women & Men's vintage clothing patterns. Gore Skirts, Split Skirts, Vest, Jacket,  Leggings, 1890's Waist Bodices, Saloon Girl Costume, Victorian Underwear & Victorian Corsets, also a Video on How to Build and Fit a Victorian Corset, Petticoats, Bustles, 1850 - 1900 Civilian Style Pants for Women & Men,  1850-1919 Men's Frock Coat, Shirts, & 1880's Vest.  Buckles for Pants and Vest. 
Buckaroo Bobbins This vintage pattern company offers both Women & Men's sewing patterns. Women's sewing patterns include Victorian Polonaise, Split Ranch Skirt, Outing Jacket, Blouses, Skirts, Camisole, Pantaloons, Petticoats, Capes, Victorian Handbags & Reticules. Old West men's clothing patterns includes 1800's Frock Coats, Range Coats, Dusters, Shirts, Pants, Vest, Collars & Puff Ties. Old West, Mountain Man, & Western Patterns. Patterns in this collection are from 1830-the turn of the century.
Old World Enterprises This vintage pattern company offers both Women and Men's vintage sewing patterns. Women's sewing patterns include Ball Gowns, Walking Gowns, Outer Wraps and Bicycle Suits. Old West men's sewing patterns include Evening Suits, Shirts and Sporting Suits. Patterns in this collection are from 1850-1899.
Folkwear  This clothing pattern company offers Women, Men and Children's sewing patterns. Women's clothing patterns include Victorian Shirts, Prairie Skirts, Walking Skirts, Riding Skirts, and Vintage Vest. Men's patterns include Vintage Vest, Frock Coats, Victorian Shirts, and Frontier Shirts. Children's patterns include Prairie Dresses and Frontier Shirts.
Wingeo This clothing pattern company offers both Women & Men's sewing patterns. Victorian False Bustle, Jacket, False Fronts, Skirts, Blouses, Capes, Petticoats, & Bustle, an a large selection of Victorian Hat Patterns. Men's clothing patterns offers a 1830's-1840's Frock Coat. Patterns in this collection are from 1870-1900.
Past Patterns  This clothing pattern company offers both Women & Men's sewing patterns. Victorian Ball Gown Bodices, Skirts, Hoops, Homestead Dress, Day Dress, Polonaise, Wedding Gown Bodices, Victorian Corset, & Blouses. Men's clothing patterns include Union Trousers, & Mid 19th Century Trousers.  Patterns in this collection are from 1850-1900.
Patterns of History This clothing pattern company offers 1800's sewing patterns for Women. Clothing patterns includes Bustled Dinner Gown, Reception Toilette, Visiting Costume, Walking Suit, Wedding Gown, Day Dress & a How to Video. Patterns in this collection are from 1840-1899.
Ageless Patterns This pattern company offers Victorian Gowns, Ball Gown Bodices, Skirts, Waist, & Vest, 1870 Cravat Bows & 1869 Men's Collars. Clothing patterns in this collection are from 1863-1899. 

Mantua-Maker This vintage sewing pattern company offers Women's 1800 sewing patterns. Clothing patterns include Polonaise, Undergarments, Bathing Suit, Travel Bustle, Day Dress, Gowns. Clothing patterns in this collection are from 1870's-1900

Rocking Horse Farm This vintage pattern company offers patterns for Civil War Era , Victorian Era, and Edwardian Era clothing. From civil war day dress to ball gowns and accessories to Victorian split-skirt, shirt-waist, and walking skirts. Coat suits, Edwardian waist, capes, children's dress and child's cape. Sewing patterns in this collection are from 1860's-1909.

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Books are a good resource  for historical clothing fabrics, colors, styles and sewing techniques. Styles changed significantly from 1840 to 1900. Various books can assist a costumer or home sewer to  accurately recreate  the precise year they want. Below are just a few books we recommend for that  purpose. For a much larger selection visit our Books on the 1800's section.

American Victorian Costume in Photographs

Over 280 rare photographs depict American men, women and children of all ages, dressed in what must have been, in most cases, their Sunday best. From page to page, in both text and pictures, every trend in fashions unfolds dramatically from 1840's to the turn of the century. Costume historians will appreciate the authenticity and detail of the clothing depicted here, photographic historians and collectors will find the book a helpful tool in dating and identifying images. 112pp. 9 x 12. Paperbound.

Book #1117