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Women's Victorian Era Clothing Patterns By Buckaroo Bobbins

Vintage Victorian and western wear sewing patterns designed for use by modern sewers. Relatively easy to use with well-illustrated pattern instructions, including fabric suggestion. Multi-sized patterns include all stated sizes in each package. Patterns in this collection are from 1830-the turn of the century.

Clothing Patterns on this page are from 1870's  to 1880's.


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Pattern #B103


High necked timeless style of the 1880s and 1890s. Includes all five styles shown. Back opening, with four sleeve options and five fronts. Multi-sized 8-20.

was $16.95 new lower price $15.50

Pattern #B101 Pattern #B101 FRILLIES  

Includes camisole, petticoat and pantaloon patterns. Camisole may be used as a corset cover as well. Includes optional embroidery patterns for camisole. Multi-sized XS-XL.


Pattern #B104


Practical culottes with a removable button-on front panel to create the look of a skirt. Includes two lengths. Multi-sized XS-XL

Approximate yardage required for 45" wide fabric.

ankle length 4 1/2 yards all sizes
mid-calf length 3 3/4 yards all sizes

was $14.95 new lower price $13.50 temporarily out of stock

Pattern #B106


Late 19th century tailored jacket. Two collar options. Optional shaped hem, and two back options, bustle back or split back. New! Ankle length version included. Multi-sized 6-20. 

was $16.95 new lower price $15.50 Temporarily out of stock


Traditional Navajo Indian style includes both open front blouse and triple-tiered skirt. Multi-sized XS-XL.

was $14.95 new lower price $13.50

Pattern #B105 Pattern #B105 HOEDOWN DRESS  

Feminine, flattering dress. Emphasizing puffed sleeves, fitted bodice and a full gathered skirt. Multi-sized 31 1/2 bust to 42 bust.

was $14.95 new lower price $13.50

Pattern #B117

Pattern #B117 back


  The polonaise is a dress with a tight fitting bodice and a short skirt divided in front and drawn back worn over a longer shirt. Worn between the 1870s-80s. Can be made in calico for a casual look or silk, taffeta, or satin for a formal appearance. This pattern includes the polonaise, skit, and bustle. Multi-sized 6-24.

Approximate yardage required for 45" wide fabric.

size 6-8 10-14 16-24
polonaise 5 7/8 5 7/8 5 7/8
shirt 6 1/2 6 3/4 7 3/8

was $17.95 new lower price $16.50 temporarily out of stock

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More Victorian Patterns From Buckaroo Bobbins Page 2--



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