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#480 100% Silk Cowboy Polka Dot Scarves  (8 weight)  34.5 inch square     $23.50 each


Red Navy   Forest
Charcoal Black   Sage out of stock

#470 100% Silk Aztec Wild Rag   (8 weight)  34.5 inch square     $23.50


Maroon & Black

Teal & Tan

#490 100% Silk Plain Wild Rags Extra Large 42.5 inch square scarves  (8 weight)   $27.50 each


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Black Red Royal Blue Navy Sage
Chocolate Maroon Charcoal Forest

#410 100% Silk Plain Wild Rags Extra Small 20 inch square scarves (8 weight)   $8.80 each


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Navy Red Black Royal Blue Sage

We Also Carry a Large Selection of Wild Rag Scarf Slides

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Why Wear A Silk Scarf?

Is the most absorbent of all natural fibers
Naturally wicks away moisture while keeping you dry
Is warmer than wool
Gets softer with wear
Keeps you much warmer during the winter

How To Care For Your Silk Wild Rag

Before wearing it for the first time, wash in warm water then hand dry or press with a warm iron.
To Clean, wash in warm water either by hand or in a washing machine. Do not use bleach when washing, only use mild laundry detergent or hand soap.
Hand dry or press with a warm iron set at or below the silk setting.
The more you wear your silk scarf, the softer it will get.
Colors will lighten over time if machine washed in hot water.